Doctors Consultation

In addition to providing medically necessary services to treat the aforementioned conditions, Pari  Home Health Care’s workers serve as a link between the patient, his family, and the attending physician. Generally, home health care provides only medically necessary services – qualified services prescribed or recommended by a doctor. While Home Care Assistants and Personal Care Assistants provide services to the same type of patient, the Personal Care Assistant’s responsibilities are usually limited to non-medical services. 

A home health aide can provide services including vital sign tests, personal hygiene assistance, medication, and other elements of a doctor’s prescribed treatment plan.

The primary function of the home nurse is to follow the Doctor’s care plan by providing the medically necessary services to treat, prevent, or monitor patients. Nurses can also keep a diary for each patient, recording the details of the visit to ensure continuity of care and communication between the patient’s family, caregivers, and the medical team.  

It provides regular care to patients who have few other options (for example, after consulting your general practitioner online, our experienced doctors can give you the advice and guidance you need from the comfort of your home. Always seek advice from your doctor). a doctor or other qualified healthcare professional with any health questions.